Speedwell is a prominent Android Game Development Company in India and globally, with multiple successful projects. We have completed hundreds of simulations, racing, board and kids games. Our team comprises experienced developers equipped with the most advanced technology stack used in the development process. We believe in developing engaging, attractive and fast android games based on the best game engines in the world.

Android Game Development Genres We Work On -

  • Hyper Casual -

    With increased Android Game Development options in the USA, we develop games in the hyper-casual genre with short-length game sessions and interactive gaming world with assets, setting targets, building up the competition etc., for increasing larger user base with rising levels of competition and toughening the games with each subsequent step.

  • Casual Games -

    With a more extensive user base in this genre, casual games are developed for mass players with less experience, like board games with lesser targets and competition. For casual games, we focus on more interaction with less button use and single gestures to increase the user experience in simple steps.

  • Hardcore Games -

    With Hardcore game formats in Australia, we indulge a team of scriptwriters, strategists, developers, and UI & UX designers in creating a virtual gaming world to provide a better gaming experience. We have detailed experience in hardcore game development, like battle games using gaming avatars and characters with a long gaming session.

    Mid-core Games -

    With increased mid-core apps involve lesser assets and are slightly lighter than hardcore apps but deploy more assets and features than casual and hyper-casual android apps.

    Idle Games -

    With increased Web App Development, the industry and user base of idle games have grown. These kinds of games do not require any expertise or experience. These are 2D apps that work with single touch or tapping.

Steps We Follow In Android Game App Development -


Speedwell is among India's best Android Game Development Company; we believe in delivering solutions instead of just an operational structure. We offer pen testing, bug fixing and testing in the app.

Asset Creation

We offer multiple assets for the increased in-game experience and activity. For Hyper casual games, we offer detailed asset creation like forts, currency, gems and jewels, icons, etc., to increase interactivity.

UI & UX designing

We work in a digital era, with new and updated technology launching daily. With increasing Mobile Marketing Trends, we focus on high UI & UX quality designing for better user experience.

Coding From Scratch

We at Speedwell, one of the USA's most influential Android Game Development Company, work with expert game developers, designers and coders. As per varying project requirements, we offer a set of the technology stack to be deployed for better android development from scratch within specified time intervals.

Support & Maintenance

We have experience in app development of different genres, but we also work for app maintenance and support after in-house app development.

How we help you grow -

Multifarious Platforms Support

Android apps are built with a compatible tech stack; our apps work with multiple devices like mobiles, PC, laptops, tabs etc., giving users a seamless gaming experience.

Advanced Gaming Framework

Avail high-definition Android Gaming Interface with our expert team with distinguished Advanced Android Gaming Framework. With an increasing and bright Future of iOS App Trends, we offer Android and iOS app development with the right tech stack and project compatibility

Android Game Designing

Gamers are the talk of the town. With better Android Game Development Services, offer your users a rich user interface that gives gamers a worthwhile experience.

Custom Android Game Development

Gamers are the talk of the town. With better Android Game Development Services, offer your users a rich user interface that gives gamers a worthwhile experience.

Diverse Gaming Experience For Users

Being a prestigious Android Game Development Company in UAE, at Speedwell, we keep ourselves in sync with the technology. Technological evolution has changed the core of the 2D and 3D gaming industries. Thus, designing a 2D & 3D interface for a diverse gaming Experience that is not just user-friendly but also highly interactive is our USP.

Game Engines We Use For 2D & 3D App Development -

  • Unreal engine
  • Unity
  • Gadot
  • Amazon Game Engine
  • CryEngine
  • Your Game Engine

We use some of the best game engines based on your project requirement for better gaming app development with significant interaction and enhanced user experience on the platform.

Why Choose Us?

  • Speedwell is a front-runner for Android game development needs in India and the UK. Speedwell's expert team has significant footfalls across boundaries; Speedwell's expert team is best known for giving gaming applications a unique touch. With the proper amalgamation of visual support and state-of-the-art technology, we help businesses generate a paramount experience that entices and interests people.

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