CakePHP is an open-source PHP framework providing platform-independent web solutions for custom web development in India. With a large user base and community, CakePHP offers many opportunities to extend your working platform or upgrade to a better one in a cost-effective and scalable manner. With the best CakePHP developers for hire nationwide, get your digital platform on CakePHP and work with a world-class web platform. At Speedwell, we have experience in diversified web and mobile app development with a team of excellent and polished developers.

Custom CakePHP Web Development Services

With the best CakePHP development company in the USA, you can get your PHP web or mobile app developed today with a team of experts. You can stand out and strengthen your brand image through Web Portal Development options on the PHP framework.

CakePHP App Development -

We offer world-class, unparalleled, and superior web and mobile app development solutions at Speedwell. These services are custom-tailored per business requirements for maximum output and scalable solutions.

Backend Solutions -

CakePHP offers backend development solutions with reusable codes, reducing the hassle of writing each and everything again. With compatible CakePHP website development, you can develop a robust, secure, multi-functional backend for your digital platform.

E-Commerce Solutions

With CakePHP, develop a fully-functional multi-vendor platform for seamless user experience. With a robust and feature-rich e-commerce platform, expand our business with us. CakePHP also enables you to integrate with third parties for easy feature use and more web and mobile app functionality.

PHP Migration Services -

With the core team's plugin support, CakePHP offers easy migration through tables and libraries from the main code. With time you must upgrade your technology stack to compete in the market with a fast, secure and robust platform. For efficient CakePHP Development Services, it offers easy migration from other platforms for a smooth and seamless experience.

CakePHP Enterprise Solutions -

With PHP Enterprises solutions, you can also get Web development for the Education sector. With solutions for each sector, CakePHP offers the variety and opportunity to expand as per the business and market goals and upgrade your technology. With better web solutions in Australia, with CakePHP, you can offer feature-rich and complex enterprise or customer web platforms with us. .

Benefits Of Cakephp Development; And Our Experience With The Framework

At Speedwell, we offer the best CakePHP development services in India and globally. We work with a team of qualified, experienced and superior developers and coders who work continuously to achieve perfection. Let's first understand how CakePHP is the better option and how we make it the best for you.

Easy Third-Party Integration

CakePHP offers efficient third-party integration without much hassle. With a ninja team on modern softwares and techniques, we excel at such integrations, and CakePHP enables you to add third-party services by just using APIs, instead of writing codes or developing those services all by yourself, like cart options, payment gateway etc.

Building through libraries

CakePHP has its own libraries that can be customized per your requirement, and with less coding from scratch, you can do more with us. These libraries are the code files installed and ready to be used on command. Apart from being a flourished CakePHP developer, we offer zend framework development services. Being a PHP platform, it has its own perks and features.

SEO-Friendly Platform Development

CakePHP offers custom link building for your web and mobile app. You can add breadcrumbs, customize and shorten the link to approach more audience directly towards your products and services. Through one of the significant CakePHP application development companies in the UK, Speedwell, we offer digital solutions to place your web or mobile app in the top positions in the search engine through optimization tactics and SEO-friendly web and mobile app development.

Convention over Configuration

CakePHP enables us to use convention over configuration. You can quickly locate your files and reduce the process and time involved in development. At Speedwell, we believe in opting for such options to finish our project on time and stay under budget, and CakePHP offers the required resources.


To attract more customers, you need to increase customer satisfaction from the first time they visit you. With CakePHP, we can help you develop attractive UI & easy UX for a better user experience while understanding your products or services.

MVC Framework

As per most PHP frameworks like Zend, CodeIgniter etc., Speedwell is also a CodeIgniter development company with dedicated developers in the domain. We work with a vast team, working on multiple projects at a time in Canada, having their level of expertise in different domains for better user outcomes.

High Compatibility

CakePHP offers huge compatibility with third-party integrations, multiple platforms and 360 flexibility with different versions of PHP, giving it an extending area of adding multi features and functionalities on the platform. Also, maintaining higher compatibility with different technology stages efficiently. As an efficient CakePHP development agency in UAE, we offer world-class PHP framework development services.

Reusable Codes

With Speedwell, one of the significant CakePHP development companies in the USA, we offer efficient and cost-effective CakePHP development services. Its unique features, like the reusability of codes, offer much flexibility to use prior codes even in the new platform or device, offering cost-effective and easy web solutions.

Why Choose Us?

For efficient CakePHP application development, you can connect with us for cost-efficient, timely and expert CakePHP development services in India. With our operations globally, we have a team of experienced individuals finding new solutions and providing multiple opportunities to take your business online.

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