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A brand's reputation is an integral part of any corporate structure. The success of its branding efforts are determined by how well positioned the brand is in the market. With the internet being the hayway of current time, a well structured online reputation is simply non-negotiable. Negative reviews, Negative media coverage, hate comments etc. derails a brand’s reputation in the market, which in-turn affects brand’s goodwill.

At Speedwell we understand India and the challenges faced by Indian Businesses. To cater to this essential need we provide effective Online Reputation Management solutions that are reliable as well as cost efficient. Our aim is simple, result-oriented ORM strategies that’s sure to bring quality results.

Online Reputation Management - How do we Do it?

  • Reputation and Brand Analysis

    For a business it’s necessary to review their online reputation, basis on which necessary work-flow and high-end productivity can be achieved. At Speedwell we initiate the ORM process by analyzing the brand's reputation and its position in the market. Along with it an in-depth research of competitors, their creative patterns, etc. is being looked into. Based on this research, a well organized strategy that derails the effectiveness of reputation attacks is structured. Apart from it our cyber investigative techniques include email tracing and cross-channel data indexing.

  • Strategizing

    The ORM process is not about being reactive, rather it’s about being proactive in the first place and to make sure that the damage is not inflicted. A sound ORM strategy is one that understands a brand's personality and improves brand’s credibility in the market.

  • ORM implementation

    Action speaks louder than words and that’s exactly what we strive for. Once the strategies are well catered we dive in its implementation. Our experts team-up effective techniques like aggressive SEO, optimizing press releases, positive consumer reviews, etc. to boost up your online presence. Apart from it effective protection against false complaints, misinformations, slanders, etc. is also looked for. Thus, creating a strong, credible brand image in the market for social media as well as for the search engines.

  • Online Reputation Monitoring

    Simply strategizing and managing isn't enough. For higher effectivity periodic monitoring is equally important. We at Speedwell continuously monitor applied strategies to process and analyze the cross - effects. Thus, assisting in building a powerful online presence that stands out in the market.

  • Reporting

    Reporting is a significant part of the ORM process. It helps in determining the efficacy of the ORM campaign. Speedwell provides ORM reporting service as a standalone part of the package. This helps businesses have a complete image of the process and analyze the performance metrics with ease.

Who benefits from the same?

  • Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Governments, etc.

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