The PrestaShop platform is a platform that is developed using the open-source Php programming language. Being a platform with almost all the functionality required to launch a business, it also provides numerous extensions to boost your store's efficiency. Any business, whether it is a Small or medium-sized, can significantly benefit from this. Over 300,000 online shops use the open-source PrestaShop platform all over the globe.

Speedwell is one of the leading companies providing vast PrestaShop Development solutions that help your businesses reach new heights and excel in the market rapidly.

PrestaShop Development Services at Speedwell

Customised PrestaShop Development

In today's world, the demand for new features and functionality of user-based online stores has increased widely. We can clearly understand that a need to modify and update an already-developed module can come in any business. So you won't fall short in this never-ending tech race, we assist you in providing structured PrestaShop customization services.

Our services include:
  • Our PrestaShop Services works on customising existing modules according to the client's requirement.
  • Customization of on-demand modules/extensions with essential features.
  • Deployment of the modified modules after careful testing by our skilled team of developers.
  • Provision of technical support after the customised module deployment.

PrestaShop Migration

Besides Customization, we help businesses migrate their database from existing technology to the PrestaShop framework. We provide effective migration solutions with guaranteed data security. Our team of developers are committed to delivering zero data casualties.

Our PrestaShop migration services:
  • Migrations are carried out with extreme caution to avoid data loss.
  • We thoroughly examine the existing website to provide you with the best migration solution possible.
  • Our technical team offers valuable migration inputs after careful analysis at every stage.
  • Regular follow-up after migration to provide additional technical support if any issues arise.

PrestaShop Theme Development

Besides Features and functionalities, the most crucial aspect of an online store is its appearance and aesthetics. After all, the website is the first thing a customer notices. But what if your website's design does not match the products you offer? Then you could be left with uncountable losses.

As a result, to reduce this impact on your business, the website's theme should be similar to the product and services you are offering to hold the customer's attention and curiosity long enough for them to browse your website pages.

But don't worry; we've got you covered. We have everything from pre-made themes to customised themes. Speedwell collaborates with clients to create custom themes according to the website. With a flexible and responsive user interface, our PrestaShop experts help businesses uplift their user experience and, thus, gain better customer attention and higher business ROI.

PrestaShop Marketplace Development

Do you plan to create an online marketplace using Prestashop? If so, we've got you covered here as well. With our marketplace extension, you can quickly transform your shop into an online marketplace.

Aside from that, we offer dedicated customization services for the marketplace based on the client's needs. This way, we can create a specifically designed marketplace for you that meets your business requirements. Our effective PrestaShop marketplace development solutions will help you build a progressive online market at a rapid speed.

PrestaShop POS Development

POS is great in demand and is widely used by merchants across the globe. This is because they are fast, practical as well as highly reliable. Catering to this, we develop POs solutions, one that helps merchants manage their online and offline stores smoothly.

We also provide POS module customization services based on the needs of our clients. Our customization costs align with industry standards and are entirely determined by the time and effort required to implement the requested changes.

Benefits of PrestaShop include:

  • Open Source platform: Contributions from a large developer community make it more feature-rich every day.
  • SEO friendly: Integrated SEO features to boost your store's visibility
  • CMs channel: A dedicated set of CMS channels for effective store management.
  • Rapid Rendering Capabilities: Use a single dashboard to manage highly customizable and scalable storefronts.
  • Highly Scalable: Multi-store and multi-language functionality are supported.
  • Themes Availability: A variety of themes are available as add-ons to suit any business.

Why Speedwell for PrestaShop Development ?

  • Agile Methodology
  • Expert Assistance
  • Guaranteed Security
  • Cost-efficient
  • Round the Clock Client Assistance
  • Timely Delivery

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