Speedwell Web Development Team has 5+ years of expertise delivering effective web solutions across domains based on the most popular PHP framework - Laravel. We provide our customers with scalable and trustworthy Laravel web development services. Using cutting-edge technologies, we guarantee project delivery on time.

Laravel Development: How do we do it?

Laravel is an easy-to-use, robust open-source PHP framework following a model-view-controller design pattern. It uses pre-existing elements from other frameworks to build web applications, resulting in a more structured and practical design.
Speedwell IT Solutions help build full-stack applications in PHP using Laravel. We aim to build a monolithic React or let Laravel serve as a robust backend API for your mobile application or other frontends.

Laravel Mobile App Development service

Laravel is one of the most preferred choices for mobile app development. This is because it's built with unique features that offer predefined libraries that simplify mobile development. In addition, our developers are well-versed with Laravel frameworks and are committed to providing effective, feature-rich, robust, reliable, and highly secure solutions.
Its Predefined templates make it possible for our developers to develop mobile apps quickly and efficiently. These templates also serve as a strong base for developing iOS, Android, and web-based apps.

API Integration

Laravel is a good option for developing an API. In order to integrate online shopping applications into a PWA or to integrate with customer resource management, API can be utilized.
Speedwell IT Solutions uses API in several operations, including customer authentication and CRUD operations. Additionally, we help you integrate your application to serve better default content with the assistance of a web API.

Laravel E-Commerce and MarketPlace Development

Laravel is famous for its numerous features. Development has become much easier and faster thanks to its excellent scalability and security features.
With us, you can develop a function-rich eCommerce store and marketplace efficiently. Our e-commerce solutions are developed using the Laravel PHP framework, giving businesses rapid and highly customizable features.
Laravel's cutting-edge e-commerce solutions help Speedwell's experts develop and enhance your marketplace.

Laravel Website Development

Compared to the other platforms, it offers developers a unit development environment and an MVC architectural pattern. With Laravel, you can create the best framework for developing PHP-based web applications.
Our developer's expertise in delivering web solutions that are well-customized, result-oriented, and cost-efficient. Speedwell offers an extensive selection of Laravel web application development services. Our team of highly qualified Laravel experts develops effective Laravel Digital Platforms for corporate clients.


Migration plays a huge role in your company to stay updated. Your company's digital platforms may already be outdated if they were created years ago. With changing technology, you must ensure your business represents today's system. To increase your digital assets' security, speed, and integration, migrating your legacy infrastructure and databases to a new system can be a good idea.
With Speedwell, you can migrate data from any platform, be it .net, JavaScript, etc., to the Laravel framework. We help you stay updated through our migration solutions driven by value addition and security enhancement.

Laravel Support and Maintenance Service

The success of your business mostly depends on your website or web app, so it should be hosted with regular maintenance, updates, and security protocols.
Our Laravel support team ensures your Laravel website or apps are managed on a safe system that functions reliably and can be adjusted following your company's demands. Apart from providing premium Laravel development services, we also assist our clients in maintaining bug-free Laravel applications.

Advantages of using Laravel Framework

  • Wide-ranging

    Laravel framework helps the web application become more scalable.

  • Efficiency

    Organizes and manages resources due to its namespaces and interface elements.

  • Time saver

    Since Laravel reuses the components from other frameworks while constructing web applications, a significant amount of time is saved during the web application.

Why choose Laravel?

  • Easy and Simple

    Offering easy API for SMTP, Mailgun, Amazon SES, SwiftMailer, and PHP's Mail function.

  • Secure Web Application

    Offering better web app security against SQL injections, scripting, forgery attempts, etc.

  • Cache Configuration

    Making your web pages load faster and integrate better with other apps.

Benefits of Using Laravel Development Services

  • Cost-efficient
  • Quick and on-time delivery
  • Guaranteed Security
  • Expert Assistance
  • 24x7 Client Support
  • Scalable and Reliable solutions
  • Flexible Model

Technologies We Stack for Laravel Development


  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • Zend
  • Symfony
  • Codelgniter


  • ReactJS
  • JavaScript
  • CSS3
  • Angular
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery

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