PhoneGap is the one-stop solution that fulfils the in-term challenges of this cosmopolitan web of the smartphone app industry. It powers in building cross-platform applications that encompass unique features and work effectively across platforms.

Services We Offer

Custom Phonegap Development

Our proficient team of developers has the high-end potential to deliver truly intuitive Phonegap solutions tailored to business needs. In addition, we employ a single codebase that helps you gain new leads and grow your business rapidly.

Designing Prototypes and Wireframes

Speedwell dominates in designing intuitive prototypes and wireframes that are result-oriented in nature. The designs are tailored to bring your imagination into reality. From usability and scalability to productivity, it surpasses all the major acts required by a progressive interface.

API integration

To optimize the value of your current system, Speedwell provides intuitive solutions to connect discrete apps and databases and, thus, improve the system's effectiveness. We also help businesses build custom API integration that perfectly matches your system needs.


For businesses looking for a single codebase structure that works smoothly across platforms, then PhoneGap is the perfect choice to opt for. For. We help businesses transfer their database from any technology to PhoneGap with guaranteed security and zero data loss.

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Why Speedwell for PhoneGap Development

  • Expert Assistance
  • Guaranteed Security
  • Round the Clock Client Assistance
  • Timely Delivery
  • Flexible Engagement Model
  • State-of-the-art design
  • Maximum scalability

Who Benefits From The Same ?

Businesses Entrepreneurs Individuals Corporates Non-profit Organizations Governments, etc.

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