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Types of Penetration Testing Services We Offer

  • Network Service Testing
  • Physical Security Testing
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Remote Access Security Test
  • Social Engineering Test

Methods of Penetration Testing We Cater

White Box

White Box penetration is also known as clear box penetration or structured penetration, wherein a hacker is provided complete information regarding the internal makeup of the software or IT infrastructures in order to simulate hacker’s intent and find positive vulnerabilities.

Benefits of White Box Penetration

  • It helps in detecting vulnerabilities that are unreachable by Black Box Techniques
  • Easy automation of test cases, this helps in reducing the time and cost of penetration testing

Black Box

With this model we strictly stick to limited knowledge of the network, i.e. IP Address, Host Name of the Public Server, etc.

With limited information in-hand, our team channelizes ethical penetration into the network and reach furthermost end and detect possible vulnerabilities

Benefits of Black Box Penetration

  • Major benefits of Black Box Technique is, ethical hacker’s work in life-like conditions to understand and detect vulnerabilities
  • Herein, hacker’s penetrate with the use of open source tools

Gray Box

Gray box penetration is also known as translucent testing. Herein it imitates hackers action with limited knowledge about the network. With this, detailed understanding about the network and possible vulnerabilities are detected.

Benefits of Gray Box Penetration

  • It offers combined benefits of White Box and Black Box Techniques.
  • With limited knowledge about the network it allows one to create comprehensive test scenarios.
  • It imparts detection of significant vulnerabilities with limited efforts.

Penetration Testing Process We Follow


  • Developing Testing Methodologies
  • Defining Goals
  • Defining scope of work
  • Defining intruder
  • Determining Target environment


  • Detecting Vulnerabilities
  • Scanning
  • Eliminating false positives
  • Exploiting vulnerabilities and gaining structured access


  • Analyzing Results
  • Detailed Report in correlation with the reduced risks

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